Glove Sizing

Gloves are a standard part of motorcycle apparel. When you decide to select your leather or textile glove please consider the following:

Nothing can beat finding a perfect glove like trying on the glove first.

*season of the year  (cold weather gloves have more padding)
*leather or textile
*fingerless, gel pads, textile tipped, lined or perforated
*short wrist or gauntlet style wrist

 All gloves are measured using the following chart

(thick fingers may have to go up a size)

Olympia Gloves is one of our favorite gloves, because of their design skills - their gloves will fit like a glove and your mind will say as we did when we first tried them on "what an amazing fit!"

Guidelines for Sizing Motorcycle Gloves by Olympia

1. ALL Olympia gloves are "American Cut", and fit true to size. Our customers usually tell us our gloves just fit right, without being too snug, or having extra length or bulk where you don’t need it. "American fit" gloves are a roomier cut vs. European fit gloves, which run smaller.

2. Olympia women’s gloves are designed for a woman’s hand. Women’s hands are not simply smaller versions of men’s hands. Olympia's women's gloves specifically address a woman rider’s hand size and fit concerns, like smaller hands, narrower shape with longer fingers, room for rings, etc.

3. Your  New leather gloves should fit on the snug side, compared to fabric gloves. Leather motorcycle gloves should start a little snug, to break in as you wear them. They will stretch approximately 5% to fit your hand's exact proportions. Leather conditioner can help soften the leather and break them in.
4. Fabric (textile) gloves should fit right, the first time you put them on. If the stretch is built into the fabric, they will have a little "give. But for the most part, textile gloves should fit right and be comfortable, the first time you put them on.
5. Leave Room for Glove Liners, especially if you like to ride through cold weather If you plan to wear your gloves with glove liners, your gloves need to be a little roomier, to accommodate that.      
CARE FOR YOUR GLOVES - leather conditioner will help to soften the leather please read all glove labels for care instructions.
***note - black leather is not a natural leather - therefore, it is a dyed leather -
in some cases there is a reaction to hand sweat that causes the leather dye
to bleed into a riders hand -  we are very pleased to say that Olympia Sports Gloves has seasoned their leather to try to prevent this dye bleed.